Welcome to « La Maison Gamboni »

Discover our gourmet restaurant, and specialties from Lyon.


Our menu :


Check out the Carpaccio – 24.50 €

Carpaccio Smoked salmon

Beef Carpaccio real knife cut slices of Parmesan and Fresh Fries

Carpaccio melon


Menu « Madame Gambo » – 21.50 €

Plancha Eggplant, Peppers and Pesto

Hâtelet Beef
(Grilled meat on a Dagger)


Menu « Spécial côte de boeuf » – 39.00 €

Plancha Eggplant and Peppers
Pesto and Smoked Salmon House

Beef Rib Meat French Origin (450g)


A pot of Out Of the Blue offered for Two Menus Ordered

Menu « Children » – 10.50 €

Steak Haché (100 gr), Fries,


A glass of Coke, Fruit Juice or Diabolo


Our ice-cream flavors

Pistachio, Apricot, Vanilla
Lemon, Goat Cheese, Chocolate

White Cream Cheese
Brains of Canuts
Cheese Market and quince paste

Cheese Map: 6 €
Dessert Card: 8 €

Our delicacies

Red fruits’ Gratin

True Cream Puffs Chief Christopher
Profiteroles with Vanilla, Chocolate Sauce

Soup Strawberry Rhubarb Chef Jean

Chocolate Terrine with Sour Cherry and Kirsh

Baba au Rhum

Sundae (3 balls)

The House of Sweets Gamboni

Gourmet Coffee:
Mini Chocolate Fudge
Mini Creme Brulee flavored
Strawberry Jar
Sorbet of the Day House



A la carte :


Plancha Eggplant and Peppers with Pesto, Melba toast at Mano 13 €

Smoked salmon in our care at Beechwood, Mesclun 13 €

Antipasti Exception:  20 €
“Mortadella Bologna » meat grilled on a dagger
Bacon White Tuscany
Parma ham and baked potatoes, cream wafer, chives
Artichokes and tomato”


Dishes and Meats

Mouse Lamb Tagine in Roasted Herbs 19.00 €

Paillard Grilled Beef (Special Gambo) 19.00 €

Tartar Classic (250 gr) and Fresh Fries € 19.00 €

Veal Kidneys Whole Thyme 25.00 €

Sliced Veal Kidneys and Noilly Prat flamed 25.00 €

The Sirloin, beef breed (280 gr) 27.00 €

Nature Fillet 29.00 €

Cote de Boeuf for one person, Thyme Jus (450 gr) 29.00 €

Tournedos Rossini, foie gras, thyme jus 31.00 €

Belly and back of St. Peter with Pine Nuts and Dried Tomatoes 19.00 €

Hâtelet beef « meat grilled on a dagger 19.00 €

True Slice of Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan 19.00 €